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Company of Heroes

Bentguru/Archy/Golradaer vs Inubasha/NewName/AmericanPatriot

#21Salkin  Feb 24 2007, 12:09 PM -
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Awesome replay !!!

3vs3 is very unforgiving and rarely this close. Well played !

#22draggaN  Feb 24 2007, 13:15 PM -
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Great game, well fought.
Nice use of vet3 grenadiers, I noticed that the grenadier grenades actually do something when the grens have veterancy.
#23WISE Architect  Feb 24 2007, 15:20 PM -
Its impossible to satisfy everyone´s opinion about rating. The gold poll in staff was a total 7 yes against 0 no, so it won gold with a huge margin. Live with it. Reguardless of what you may say, the replay includes top notch skill and team play at its best. 3vs3 games like this are very rare to see. That´s probably because it was promoted.

Thanks for understanding.
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#24WISE Architect  Feb 25 2007, 12:02 PM -
Bucky next time you post in this topic and dont add nothing to the replay discussion expect your continous bitching, you will be warned. smile.gif

This is towards others too.
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#25Yellow2Bellow  Feb 25 2007, 12:03 PM -
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QUOTE(BuckyBoy @ Feb 25 2007, 12:25 AM) *

exactly my reaction.. but my post got deleted. eyebrow.gif

ps: maybe it was that only staff members played in this match..

WTF.gif WTF.gif WTF.gif
Architect was in fact the only staff member involved. And I posted this before in the Staff Forums, we wouldn't EVER promote a game only because of Architect or a different staff member.
Please think about what you're posting. And show me those better 3vs3, I would review them and look whether they're better and deserve a Gold status.
Why don't you spend your time on different things rather than posting here this game doesn't deserve a Gold.
Really, be a RR, give your ratings, make your own Polls and convince us that a game is NOT Gold and vote against it next time.

In my opinion all players showed great micro at all. Why is there no teamplay? The player supported each other very good, especially when American Patriot saved FreeZZinGs day with an attack over the flank with his Tigers. Can't see why there's no teamplay at all?
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#26WISE Architect  Feb 25 2007, 12:12 PM -
Dont worry Yellow.

Some people are just "i know everything and more than you about replays" and will never know how hard it is to review/judge/promote replays and please everyone till they do it themselves. frusty.gif

Bucky warned.
T1000 stop it too with the bitching.

You both can be warned for this:

"Challenging staff by failing or refusing to comply with requests to cease offensive behavior or reposting removed/moderated material."

"Don't mistake your freedom of speech with the freedom to post nonsense or content in violation."

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#27BLiNDBoi  Feb 26 2007, 21:52 PM -
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Nice it got gold, i forgot about this game... only remember about it when i saw i got more gold lmfao!
#28FreeZZinG  Feb 26 2007, 21:58 PM -
I have you know yellow, i ordered them to flank and attack the base biggrin.gif 5 Star general here tbh..
#29Bentguru  Feb 26 2007, 22:30 PM -
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I have you know yellow, I screamed like a little girl and told them to attack the base cause they were killing me

I fixed your post for you.
#30nathones  Feb 27 2007, 01:25 AM -
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A 3v3 with top players. How is this not a gold replay? Good game, I was especially rooting for Golradear. Haha, Bentguru really cracked the whip on his back. If Archy had more experience on the map I would've really liked to see the outcome. Anyways, awesome game and thanks for posting it.

As for as gameplay:

Hmm Tigers in team games is just gg. Wish there was something that could be done so that blitz and terror won't suck w/o them.

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