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Company of Heroes

The witch hunter is back

#1Kaos  Apr 21 2018, 00:03 AM -

Replays: 153 Game:
Some burn combined with big fat stuh gun and sneaky storms.
When playing this strategy you are actually losing the whole game until you win, a mess overall

P.S. These are not spoilers, a proper spoiler would be: Kaos didn't pick Blitzkrieg
#2Argentinosaurus  Apr 21 2018, 22:14 PM -

Replays: 57
U did well bro. Actually, as u said i thought i was winning at some point, then a couple of mistakes and your fatty ass stuh raped me xD
#3Olszewsky  Apr 22 2018, 01:36 AM -
Replays: 90 Game:
that veterancy 2 vet for support weapons... ^^
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