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Company of Heroes

Close battle. omg :D

#1Magnolia  Apr 15 2018, 00:37 AM -
Replays: 180
It was a few days ago i played this 2v2. But when i saw the replay of it agian now, its pretty intense. Tons of allies arty, alot of tank army battles as persing,m10s, vs 88, stugs, panthers, Veted Rifles rekting the fields aginast weak and damaged axis infatry-It was long time ago i feelt allies arty fuck up so much... .-.-

Somehow, after one hour game.. we rise from ashes =)

Fuel sides goes back and forth for both teams.

AXIS : Def ( wermacht, me) , SE (PE level 11)

ALLIES : Armor (usa level 12) Brit ( arty level 10 11 12 dont remeber .

Replay time : 59:22


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