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Company of Heroes

WOW! 9VPs left!!! Must see

#1piwawsky  Mar 5 2015, 19:31 PM -
Replays: 204 Game:
god what a game...epic carnage...
no spoilers but awesome game on sturz...
lots of dead rifles and destroyed stugs but in the end, yankeez win! wink.gif
#2Stary81  Mar 5 2015, 21:31 PM -
Replays: 1
Wery nice game.
#3HSMASH  Mar 5 2015, 21:44 PM -
Replays: 37 Game:
That 105 went ham. I could not believe the number of money shots it landed.

Above all the other things about this game though, I have to say that the mg42 is the MVP.
#4MoreLuckPlease  Mar 6 2015, 19:02 PM -
Replays: 180 Game:
what a game biggrin.gif
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