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Company of Heroes

bloodbath vs convuko

#1piwawsky  Jan 26 2016, 23:08 PM -

Replays: 205 Game:
awesome vanilla game on langres, infantry vs blitz.
Vetted infantry, snipers, MVP tiger and many more! wink.gif
awesome game, gg!
#2MoreLuckPlease  Jan 27 2016, 19:13 PM -
Replays: 178 Game:
awesome game! n1qshok.gif that nasty wm's mines at start wink.gif
#3Kaos  Jan 29 2016, 00:57 AM -

Replays: 140 Game:
Really well played by both sides, I just personally think snipers instead of stuhs would end that game much quicker in favor of wehr...again imho stuhs are worse than snipers to babysit
#4Cubano  Jan 30 2016, 19:57 PM -
Replays: 19
Almost cry when you lost the vet 3 rifle sad.gif
#5Convuko  Jan 31 2016, 23:50 PM -
Well played mate.
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