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Company of Heroes

Rizky(PE) vs Gonzopiel

#51galonak  Mar 18 2010, 14:56 PM -
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One of the best game i have ever seen smile.gif
#52Stahl Pony  May 5 2010, 08:33 AM -
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If the infantry preservation was better, this certainly was the best PE play i`ve ever seen! Trust me i`ve seen ALOT.

The way you lured his first m8 onto the mines was hilarious, not even moving your ATHT. He certainly will have a M8 trauma by now.
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#53Sir Recon  May 8 2010, 00:19 AM -
Replays: 28 Game:
I thought the PE guy put himself dangerously close to elimination, great defensive play, but nearly lost on points however, due to American strategy getting desperate in the late mid game and end game, it didn't matter, It was entertaining, way to keep your cool, I would have kept a shreck team or marder for support of panthers, or Medic station destruction, that thing so close to the front really bothered me as a PE fan. I dont know how many squads it produced but it was alot. WUB it, sure for the sheer time it took to run the clock out!
#54DarknRahl  Jan 28 2011, 03:33 AM -
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Entertaining replay. Played like real life with the US throwing away vast amounts of material and the German's scraping by and repairing like crazy.

I read one account of a 5 Panther SS platoon on the eastern front, right near the end of the war destroying some 78 T34s in a single defensive action in the dying months of the war. This demo reminded me a little of this except T34s are far superior to paper thin Wolverines.
#55SrTheLostOne  Jan 28 2011, 22:56 PM -
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that panzer wonned the m10 tanks =P good game
#56SrTheLostOne  Jan 28 2011, 22:56 PM -
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that panzer wonned the m10 tanks =P good game
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