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Company of Heroes

[Finals] Allstars vs Epsilon G2 #2

Duclair (4)
Duclair (4)
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#11Bobopatch  Nov 22 2011, 16:56 PM -
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One of the best games Ive ever seen.
Congratulations to all.
#12Replaysystem  Nov 23 2011, 20:34 PM -

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#13AmiPolizeiFunk  Dec 1 2011, 13:29 PM -
1% over the benchmark. Welcome to the HoF boys! smile.gif
#14OTTOMANEMPEROR  Jan 5 2012, 09:34 AM -
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It never seems to be an Axis win, well defended ure positions.... The Allies biggest foulth was , they didnt push more tanks... cya both GG
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