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Can I get some advice?

#1Pfff77  Apr 4 2021, 14:44 PM -
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Sniper and mines spam..
#2Statement  Apr 8 2021, 15:14 PM -
Replays: 58 Game:

02.30: You should've prevented the decapturing of your high fuel point and secured the house using the rifles. You send one of them left which was unnessary.

03.30: You went aggressive to the sniper in the base without to much of a result and bleeding unnesseray manpower damage, try to decapture points around the map instead and have his sniper bleed only on one side of the field.

04.00: You are fighting against the house with a pio squad in it and bleeding a lot of damage against the snipers. Also, there was nothing to win in that fight in particular since you didn't need to take that house or secure it. This resulted in a rifle death.

You should've gotten minesweepers earlier in the game and you lost jeep unnesserary.

05.15: Retreating your engineers at this moment is a good example of preventing unnessary losses against snipers.

You chose to get a 2nd jeep after losing the first one, but a m8 would've been a better choice here since you had enough fuel for it.

06.00: Your aggressive jeep could've hit another mine at the point. Afterwards you still lose it to the mine you just spotted with the jeep.

Tier 4 was a bad choice since you lost so much manpower and there was not enough fightingpower to preserve the map control you were having. You decided to make a OP on the fuel but you were lacking the manpower to support it. An OP should only be a choice if you have plenty of manpower to spare for it.

You should predict the mines location more and spread your riflemen to flank from different directions.

09.15: Your minesweeper was capturing points while it was an essential time to sweep the mines for your riflemen and not wasting its time on decapturing a point.

You spot the enemy AT gun being build in the base with the Sherman and you see it being deployed, yet you still took 3 hits from the AT gun which was very unneccesary. You could have waited at the entrance of the T2 and decrew the AT gun with your sherman instead.

You got yet another jeep and lost it again against obvious mines.

When your first sniper shot, it should've been for a "free" countersnipe. You revealed it unneccesary against a pio.

20.30: You should spread your sweepers to scout for mines instead of capturing again.

Your third sniper was not a smart move, you would be better off with a new riflemen instead. You needed a new rifle for the capping power.

You lost your Sherman very bad due to it being unsupported.

BAR was a bad choice with only 2 rifles left.

28.45: Really bad engagement, attack from multiple directions when using riflemen.

30.00: Calliope shoots on a AT gun, better place would've been north of his right-side cut-off.

Spread units more against propaganda war especially.

2nd calli shot proved my point of 30.00: a good shot.

You were floating so much ammo this game and you never used Allied War Machine. You played very unsupportive with your Pershing and letting it fight alone.

When you got pop capped you should've made T3 for AT support against all this T4 and KT.

Anyway, gg, you got back pretty good. A lot of silly rifle and jeep losses make you lose a lot of manpower. 3 jeeps equals a calliope in late game, remember that.

Goodluck on your future games!
#3Pfff77  Apr 8 2021, 17:09 PM -
Replays: 16
wow, ty for the advice statement really, I think it took a long time to write it, I'll try to learn something from all this. <3
#4Statement  Apr 10 2021, 11:40 AM -
Replays: 58 Game:
QUOTE(Pfff77 @ Apr 8 2021, 17:09 PM)
wow, ty for the advice statement really, I think it took a long time to write it, I'll try to learn something from all this. <3

You are welcome!
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