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Company of Heroes

Sepha vs Ahenian

#1Sepha  Oct 28 2006, 21:24 PM -
Replay obviously doesn't work now, download and watch the game here.

Well this game left me in pieces, this was the first of 6 games to be played in the Big time tournaments coh tournament final and was the most exciting one. It's on sturzdorf where fuel is plenty so a motor pool opening for allies is pretty good, at one stage I remember having 2 quads, 3 m8's before ahenian even has a sturm armory up.

Well I won't spoil the rest, really gg. smile.gif

Ahenian won the tourny in the end & outplayed me in most of the games, well played!
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#2twopigs  Oct 29 2006, 01:58 AM -
Replays: 3 Game:
Unbelievable. What an awesome game - reviewers should get to this one asap.
#3AfTeRShoCk  Oct 29 2006, 08:06 AM -
Replays: 17 Game:
Sephlol(Allies) vs. Ahenialol(Axis)

Map: Sturzdorf

Build order: Barracks, Engineer, Jeep
Doctrine: Armor

smile.gif Great flanking maneuver with 4 M10s taking on 3 StuGs, you losing only 1 in the process.
smile.gif Good use of the ability of light armor to capture points, you cut off quite a lot using it.
smile.gif You kept 2 squads of riflemen with only 1 men left in your base, in case you needed full squads later on.

sad.gif Your jeep died to volksgrenadiers, but he could have safely retreated behind your riflemen that arrived in time.
sad.gif You were a bit too confident when in his base. You could have easily sent another halftrack in to support the other, giving him no chance at all to rebuild his base with what he had left.
sad.gif There were a few times where you could have retreated your M10s but let them die without any hope to do anything. You even did a suicide run with one of them once.

Micro: 8
Skill: 7

Build order: 2 Pioneers, Wehrmacht Quarters,
Doctrine: Terror

smile.gif Good use of volksgrenadiers supported with machine guns.
smile.gif You killed his armor first to half or 2/3 health, then used 1 or 2 panzerfausts to finish it off, depending on M8 or halftrack.
smile.gif Great use of the taken over AT gun to nearly kill his pershing.
smile.gif Always salvaging the wreckages whenever your pioneers were idle.
smile.gif You used your headquarters very well as an obstacle against his halftrack.

sad.gif You never used propaganda near a victory point when he had only 30-ish points left. Not a big difference but still.

Micro: 8
Skill: 9

Ahenian got hold of the a lot of the map early on because he started with 3 pioneers, but at the high fuel point he got pushed back by engineers and riflemen. On the other hand he did keep the +10 fuel on the left for a good while.
Then he fought back at the high fuel point with a volksgrenadier, cutting off the fuel for a moment but sepha responded well and used a jeep, riflemen and engineers to get them out of there. Ahenian did take out a jeep in the process though, which set Sepha back a bit.
Ahenian got back then, with a machine gun and volksgrenadiers and was taking the high fuel point, when a quad halftrack showed up in his base and a little later also one at the high fuel point.
He retreated and ultimately managed to take down a quad halftrack with 2 squads of volksgrenadiers and nothing more. He then had the time to rebuild his sturm armory, but an armored car wasn't content with it and tried to keep the pioneers from completing.
Same volksgrenadiers took it out after a while, not wanting to spend too much munition, using only a single panzerfaust and their guns for the rest. Finally the sturm armory was complete and the first StuG that came out met 2 mines the M8 had placed.
After the repairs Ahenian had 2 StuGs able to take out his enemy's light armor, but Sepha responded with M10 tank destroyers and a Calliope.
This was dealt with really well, using only 1 StuG in the process, though he was lucky to have another survive with his main gun destroyed.
Ahenian had been taking the victory points very aggressively and Sepha was feeling it as he got down to 200 points now. He had no tanks against his enemy's StuGs, which was a problem. He did still have 3/4 of the map and a steady fuel income.
He made several more M10 tank destroyers and an AT gun and Sepha forced ahenian between the buildings because he couldn't withstand AT gun fire.
MP40 volksgrenadiers killed a few riflemen, then got pinned by the BARs and had to retreat, time and time again, until finally the riflemen were gone. By this time Sepha had enough M10s to take down the StuGs though and he had done so as well. The tide had turned with Sepha and 3 M10s and an AT gun against ahenian with only infantry.
A tiger ace came out though, which was right on time for Ahenian. It followed a rank 2 veterancy M10 into the axis base and tried to kill it, though it had to be shot 5 times before a critical could take down the last sliver of health.
This bought a lot of time for Sepha, who was at only 31 victory points left and had hastily captured all the victory points before it was too late.
Ahenian took over the destroyed AT gun and set out to take back the map. He had just taken a second victory point when Sepha came back with 3 M10 tank destroyers and a pershing, but the taken over AT gun did his job, taking down 2 of the M10s without much trouble. The tiger took down the third and had half of his health left.
In the meanwhile the AT gun mercilessly hunted the pershing, taking off quarters of his health with the AP rounds.
Sepha tried his best and took down the AT gun with flame engineers and attacked with his pershing, but a repaired Tiger Ace combined with a StuG proved fatal and the match was Ahenian's.

Entertainment: 8
End result: 8

RotW contender. For the gold replay i've pmed an admin smile.gif
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#4.nide  Oct 29 2006, 08:24 AM -
one of the best games i've watched, highly enjoyable.
#5Anik3tos  Oct 29 2006, 11:18 AM -
Replays: 49 Game:
Good stuff i'm going to wait for the Audio shoutcast for it. So someone please state if you are going to make it.
#6Tae1  Oct 29 2006, 12:14 PM -
Wow. Rated 9 ? ohmy.gif Must watch this game! biggrin.gif
Btw on AfTeRShoCk's review it's 8 sad.gif
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#7Scuddy  Oct 29 2006, 12:39 PM -
Replays: 0
Well played by both sides, altho I felt the M10's could have been better used in this game. Also I felt Selpha was realising too late that he was losing the victory points. If he was earlier he might/should have won it.

I think this is a silver contender, as I think there are too many mistakes made at Selpha's side.
#8AfTeRShoCk  Oct 29 2006, 12:49 PM -
Replays: 17 Game:
Members can vote now, they voted higher than my 8. Indeed Sepha could have used his M10s better a few times, but to make up for that he held the high fuel point for a long time and through forcing Ahenian to fight him there he forced Ahenian to repair as well, making sure that Ahenian didn't have the time to capture the map back.
#9Scuddy  Oct 29 2006, 13:32 PM -
Replays: 0
True, maybe I exaggerated a bit:)
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#10Sepha  Oct 29 2006, 13:36 PM -
Yea I was throwing away m10's too easilly sometimes, but stugs are a real pain in the ass. wacko.gif Check the fuel count at the end... nearly double the amount of fuel as ahenian had, I think I should have went to shermans half way through, m10's just seem to work for me before on angoville but since sturz has so many buildings.

Thanks for the review aftershock I agree with all of your comments, the quad I retreated too late, the m10 I thought would survive (damn stug accuracy) and the jeep I thought would survive without needing a retreat too.

The quad being destroyed and the other quad getting mined brought ahenian back into the game imo.
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