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RedRoosterBBQChicken (RCA) vs djw2104 (Blitzkrieg)

#1djw2104  Dec 14 2011, 20:58 PM -

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I was on Angoville south base and went T1 start instead of the usual 5 pio to T2. I have watched the replay (at double speed) and I lost count of the number of emplacements that my opponent built. I managed to destroy/damage several, but they were replaced/repaired/rebuilt. I was a bit careless with an mg42 team, some units and the Ostwind, and at least one of my Panthers. I failed to build a medi-bunker and in hindsight two would have been better. I think my sniper paid for himself until, I think, he got caught in a barrage.

Any constructive comments and tips would be most welcome. Thank you.

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