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Company of Heroes

Huoli obvious using Maphack

#1Tigerstahl  Feb 13 2020, 22:16 PM -
Replays: 7
...had this maphacking Clown a few minutes ago. I┤m really pissed that this guy doesnt even try to hide his X-Ray Eyes. I very seldom call Players maphacker, but this is a 99-100%


-bike driving 3 times strait to US Snipers
-he doesnt cloak his Snipers, even when he must estimate that US Snipers are near, he cloaks them in the last second before US Snipers come
- Stug goes strait for my Arty, how he knows there is Zero AT ?
- Stugs drive into cloaked Snipers at the end of the game...omg, just see thatů.really sad

hope you see the same situations like me, I watched the replay 2 times to not Insult any Player
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