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[Semis] r6 g1

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#1Contador  Sep 5 2010, 21:40 PM -
#2MinSillyWalks  Sep 10 2010, 00:53 AM -
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i really would have liked to see bars first.
devm did great against the piospam. unlike others, he stayed with his rifles to actually fight and kill in the early game, when a lot of players just hit the panic "t" every time they see three pios charging.
so devm managed to get 100+ fuel. at this point, tomi had almost no fuel income, so fast t3 wasnt a threat. he could have got bars out really fast whereas fast m8 is the wrong choice imo against piospam: you invest a lot of ressources in a unit that has trouble hunting down a 120mp squad having to dodge the inevitable pak all the way.
nades were equally little helpful as you are frequently cut off from ressources (muni) when playing against piospam, so you cant rely on having enough munitions when needed. also, pios are always moving and rarely stay in cover for a long time (like volks on semois) as they want to get close, another reason nades are not effective in this case.
iirc, 12azor always went bars against piospam and said he did pretty well.
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