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[3rd] G2: Seb vs DevM

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#1Seb  Sep 6 2010, 19:06 PM -
#2The Heresy  Sep 6 2010, 20:25 PM -
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nice game. Wasn't extraordinary by any account, just a very steadfast and workman like effort on the part of the Americans just wearing the German down little by little. Both played well without any major blunders or turning points to my knowledge.

The only real turning point came when the Calliopes hit the field and DevM's last fortifications in the northeast got heavily bombarded while simultaneously being flanked and routed.

I didn't check DevM's stats during the game but judging by his lack of any serious firepower during the match, I would assume he was absolutely starved for fuel and munitions. So the real culprit of his loss must therefore be his inability to fight for and recap the most important fuel/muni nodes, even the ones right near his base on the left side that stayed in Seb's hands for some strange reason for the majority of the match, despite his not having any really strong presence there most of the time.
Basically a slow painful attrition, good job.
#3Decepticus  Dec 8 2010, 01:39 AM -
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A bit late, but I just discovered this map through these 2 semi-finals games. It's really awesome. I loved the idea of making the left side heavy on fuel, and the right on munitions. It showed greatly in this game as Seb's controlling of the left side prevented any Armor from the Wermacht, while Devm's domination on the right side of the map allowed him to spam mines and prevent rifles flanking.

The game itself is a bit one-sided, but I think this replay shows showcases this map perfectly. Great work by the map designer. I hope it gets in Automatch rotation someday because it's much better than Industrial Reverbs or Beaux Lowlands.
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