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Company of Heroes

Where are those manners?

#11gravemouth  Jul 19 2021, 19:00 PM -
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Gotta love some good ol' Dexn toxicity biggrin.gif gg
#12Pipesgun  Jul 21 2021, 20:06 PM -
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Nice battle guys, just new here. my first replay, i hope i will enjoy it
#13Argentinosaurus  Jul 22 2021, 15:46 PM -

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QUOTE(Pipesgun @ Yesterday, 20:06 PM)
Nice battle guys, just new here. my first replay, i hope i will enjoy it

can't remember the game at this stage, but hoping that u will enjoy it man. Welcome
#14VillageMagician  Aug 10 2021, 11:04 AM -
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Wow, what a game!

To be fair, I totally understand his frustration. It looked like he got shafted big time on multiple occasions. But coh is just that, its a game of skill and chance, without the latter we wouldn't be here 15 years (!!!) later with an active community.

Chance is at the very heart of this game. The winner here did a tremendously good job, aka, maximizing his luck.

But you look at the key engagements and I personally felt that his luck was bad, really bad. There were some things he could have done better. IMO, he could have gone without purchasing his brand new paratroopers with recoiless rifles (125 munition) which was at a VPC towards the very end of the fight with the king tiger. If he had not made that purchase (which wasn't crucial for those troopers to have at that time) he could have called in a bombing run which I THINK would have been able to get the KT. Yes indeed you may have been able to move in time, assuming you were looking right at it which I think you would have seen it. But all it had to do was scratch the massive tank, I don't think you could have dodged it completely.

Also, I may be wrong here, but he could have used his bombing runs better when he rushed your base both times. I suppose the very last one where he leveled you HQ was different, but had he saved the bombing run until your tanks were in base, amongst your buildings I THINK the outcome would have been different.

All in hindsight anyway. Good game guys, well played all around. One thing we do not like to see is bad sportsmanship regardless. Likewise, winner stay humble.

God I love this game
#15RafiTOV  Aug 26 2021, 12:41 PM -
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Great game. Fun to watch. WP by both!
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