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Company of Heroes

IronRoman vs Level 8 player Wannabe Pro - LOL

#1IronRoman  Jun 23 2022, 08:43 AM -
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#2pwnstick  Jun 23 2022, 17:30 PM -
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Fucking brits vs PE on Semois... I think we've all played games just like this one.

Very tender and loving chat at end of game.
#3LuckyStilet  Jun 28 2022, 11:00 AM -
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+21 fuel per player - which very low for PE, as all what PE has require many fuel.
Because fuel that low Brit truck on 10 feul - just joke.
And then all what you need to do - reduce PE fuel income to +16. Just trenches on both +5 and rush stuarts.
I played brits in 1v1 not that much and long time ago. And after huge break in coh and even biger in 1v1 Brit play I met Dumias on Semois... = ez win. Mentioned not for pride but to describe level of JOKE! As current Dumias play just next level.

For everyone who suffer vs Romans style and brits on Semois in general - I very advice T1 play.
As far as I remember I won like 5 my last games vs Roman on Semois as PE.
Insta luft -> second ketten -> pg insta t1 -> 1 scout car, scout car go to fight, lay on fuel later -> pg or stay in base and build t3 or you go G43 and push if brit split in early game -> T3 -> 1 AC (ONLY ONE !) AC goes 1 offensive to be able to damage Stuarts, especialy if 5% crit, it is game changer-> then you can go vampire, especially good if brit on north. Vampire goes on fuel and your income increace by a lot! No G43 if you can. So you will be able to build goliath and hide it before Stuart. Very slows second Stuart and give you important fuel and make AT in time. Or even win game on that abuse.
Or you can go amunition truck from T1. Map feature - huge distance. And this common Stuart rush feature - you lose map and then fight back. Mines under sectors often kill LT / Capt and AC can finish inf / lt. That truck taks almost 0 damage from inf, good for pushing. Stacking with Mardar. As Mardar position with mines around - just different story. Stacking with ATHT, reload and you can lay mine right under Stuart, which is critical too as ATHT alone almost no damage. Also helps vs trench spam, as 1 pg can throw 2+ nades! Which is super critical as ofter 1 nade can be just ignored by Brit.
-> ofc if you see trenches - you need flame nades... sad.gif
-> After muni HT / Vampire you need luft repair.
-> AT type you choose according you style (ATHT / Mardar ofc), but I advice Mardar. Usually you need your pg / pgs in the fight, as trench cleaning before stuart is critical. And often you have no time to build. And Brit still can make few overrepaired Stuarts.
Sometimes if you sit on Brit fuel enough with vampire - you can rise your income to around +43! and surprise Stuarts with PIV follow after AC. Mostly it is game ender.

Also helps some critical tricks:
*If Brit spam 99% ready tranches and sit in done trench - you need flank squad and destroy 99% trench before burning it with nades....
*Fuel +5 on island - can't be covered by trench. You can cap it from 3 different angles. 1 - max distance from house, 2 - right next top side wall of house, 3 - right next to bottom wall of house. In the worst case your ketten will be under fire of 1 tommy member guess.

Over all Brit still massively ahead but it is not free like usually it is.
#4DumaisTV  Jul 21 2022, 05:19 AM -
Replays: 11
Lol just go TD for tellers and Hetzer, idk why he went luft. 1 Hetzer completely shuts down this stuart/stag spam.
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