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"Terror/TheUnbeatableTeam" pfpfpffppfpfpfpfpfpfpff

#1Freestyler.  Jun 12 2021, 21:59 PM -
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the end doesnt surprise me
#2nwsmailnwsmail  Jun 12 2021, 22:43 PM -
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good game, i think 2 ac (with 3 vet) made a big problems for allies...

maybe i am wrong, but allies should go stuart and m8 (instead of late sherman) then they could kill that ac and become big problems for axis side
#3\//\Death-Machine/\\/  Jun 13 2021, 02:23 AM -
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#4nin3  Jun 13 2021, 04:22 AM -
QUOTE(Freestyler. @ Today, 14:59 PM)
the end doesnt surprise me

yeah, nothing new.

well done btw!
#5redbullzuiper  Jun 13 2021, 17:17 PM -

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This hack was used in old CoH, the point of this is to make opponents lagg out of the game, so that the one doing it gets a free win. I was first skeptical about the accusation, but oh boy .. this replay is enough for relic to ban him.
#6Brutal Hummel  Jun 13 2021, 18:39 PM -
Replays: 62
I think it was a bug, that's all.
#7redbullzuiper  Jun 13 2021, 21:52 PM -

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QUOTE(Brutal Hummel @ Today, 18:39 PM)
I think it was a bug, that's all.

Could be, but notice that this is exacly the same as it goes when you lagg/kick other players out.

First people see name of the person lagging.
Then the one thats targeted cannot move anymore and his name starts to show up.
After a while you will be kicked out of the game.

In the replay you first see the Terror guy, as if he had leaved. Like you see alot, when your opponent leaves, it shows his name as lagging after he left, then after a minute the game drops him out and you either had a frozen game for a moment or speedrun.

But this time his name dissapears and Endefekkt's name starts to show up as lagging. I think that he (nascarcrash?) realy tried to kick both of them out, starting with endefekkt.
#8S1mply  Jun 14 2021, 17:17 PM -
Replays: 163
yea i dont doubt the terror guys would go the extra mile to avoid a loss on their precious statistics, was it the case this time? i personally think not, looks to me just like the usual steam after game lagg, but who knows. Would be nice to get a statement from the terror guys about the ending. but they are hard to find when there is a loss replay of them..
#9Tigerstahl  Jun 14 2021, 21:32 PM -
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Freestyler me Hero of earlier CoH days, I love that focused gameplay from you

well played

"team asshole" made my day lol biggrin.gif
#10SleazyBastard  Jun 14 2021, 21:40 PM -
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I didn't watch the replay, but it is possible someone can force the game to go out of sync using a memory modifying program like cheat engine to try and force a dispute instead of a loss.

Not saying that is what is happening here though.
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