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Company of Heroes

Gnurkh (Infantry) vs djw2104 (Blitzkrieg)

#1djw2104  Jan 24 2012, 12:31 PM -

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A 1v1 automatch game lasting 58 minutes and 50 seconds involving two low level (6) players on Wrecked Train. Lots of casualties on both sides, base destructions, and on my part bad micro management. But, that is the problem that comes with age I suppose, so I need to improve. My big mistake was not building a medi-bunker; I always forget to do this.

At my level of play the most common opening strategy that US players are now using is the WSC start relying on off-map units for infantry. Unit deployments after the first engineer squad and base building is usually a .30 cal, 2 x snipers and progressing from there, although there was a variation this game. The good thing not encountered this game was the progressive mg nest creep that is also now being used.

Anyway, I hope that you decide to watch this game it was very touch and go for a while and the outcome surprised me.

Thank you.
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