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Ormiga [lvl1?](Armor) vs djw2104 [7] (None)

#1djw2104  Jul 21 2012, 18:36 PM -

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16 minutes and 58 seconds on Sturzdorf, a map I quite like playing on and I was starting from the south base.

Loading screen showed level 1 US, so I knew he was 'smurfing' and I wasn't wrong.
Lots of action at left hand side VP with minor action at the right hand VP. I was careless with a pioneer squad and my Puma, which I didn't reverse out of trouble. Unlucky with the Pak38 AT gun getting circle-strafed by one of his M8s'; but I managed to recrew it soon after.

I used the COHRA software after the game and my opponent used 60.2cpm to my 21.9cpm. Pretty good piece of software for analysing aftermatch stats.

I think I read the game pretty well by building the AT gun from the T2 building first as there were no signs of early BARs. Overall, I was quite pleased by my use of combined arms in this game.

As usual I failed to build the obligatory medi-bunker, something I am always forgetting to do.

I hope that do enjoy the game should you decide to download it.

#2RiSiN  Jul 21 2012, 19:48 PM -
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Wub for great description, I wish all of them were like this.
#3djw2104  Jul 21 2012, 19:59 PM -

Replays: 8 Game:
Thanks for the compliment. I try to give a bit of a taster of what other members could expect. They can then decide for themselves whether they want to 'give it a go' and watch the game.

Thanks for the 'wub', it's my first one.
#4Trainzz  Jul 21 2012, 22:21 PM -
Wub for great description, I wish all of them were like this.

This! Gonna watch the replay now tongue.gif

Short comment to the game tongue.gif

First off, very nice mining! That probably won you the game (+ the bad unit preservation of your opponent tongue.gif)

Then however, you sometime wasted some time with a couple of units. You most of the time only had 1 or 2 units moving while the rest was idling around somewhere else, which resulted in a couple of lost engagements.

Also, nice game sense. You predicted his tech well and always had the answer to his techs ready.

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#5Basilone™  Jul 22 2012, 00:08 AM -
21 cpm? tongue.gif You could easily get to around 10-11 just by clicking faster! Two things that really helped me improve my micro and subsequently my game play is listening to music (game music is meh after a while and not motivating) and spamming early game micro like Inverse does. It keeps you sharp heading in to the mid game, so by that time you are warmed up and prepared to rapidly give orders to all your squads. Learning how to use the tab key is also an essential imo, it reduces your chances of misclicking when you can just quickly cycle through a group without error.
#6djw2104  Jul 22 2012, 14:42 PM -

Replays: 8 Game:
Many thanks for the positive feedback and helpful comments. I could try to speed up my clicks plus making more use of the hot-keys and tab functions.

I will, in future, try to make sure that all units are doing something and not standing idle.

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