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Company of Heroes

Fail GG

#1Kodachrome  Sep 22 2019, 21:47 PM -
An ultimate end to a series of blunders in micro and macro for me.
#2RobocopU  Sep 27 2019, 07:18 AM -
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Yeah the goliath hits were ultimate and won the game for you. But Kodachrome, for such an experienced player as you are, I was suprised by the number of mistakes you made:

- Very late retreats with single volks hanging around when they should have been retreated much earlier.

- For a long time no vet versus barred rifles - they were shredding your volks like paper.

- Medic bunker right outside their base - place it further back, you could have got more squads out of it.

- Capping single points with two squads on the right side instead of spreading them out to cap faster.

- Sending out StuH with no support to die - could have used it much more efficiently but at least you bought some time.

- I would even question the doctrinal choice, I think Terror with Zeal would have been better for you since you like to retreat squads as late as possible. Alternatively, the defense doctrine could be good with the def bonuses for infantry and the bunker.

Maybe you were not in the best of shapes, had a few beers? Because I know how well you play, usually.
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