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Last shot win, literally

#11\//\Death-Machine/\\/  Apr 30 2021, 18:11 PM -
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QUOTE(Arcamis @ Today, 14:13 PM)

Do not blame them. It is not their fault jigsaw needed contestants for his new Saw movie sequel and hooked some of the members in this community to a kill-switch that triggers when they lose a game.

Obviously they are a little bit on the edge when you give them a jumpscare in the form of a non-perfect replay.

I lost, because after work I was like dead, I see I need to lower you to the ground, after 15 hours, monkey, enter the game, 11 points were not enough to win,
there was a newbie in the team,imagine what will happen to you when I get enough sleep and drink coffee
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#12Convuko  Apr 30 2021, 18:47 PM -
QUOTE(PAJO_FORCE @ Yesterday, 12:20 PM)
ultra super hard noobs both of you , dont post shitty replays like this here

People like you ruin the CoH Community. If players with lower skill want to post let them. This website was created for players to share replays and review games.
#13\//\Death-Machine/\\/  Apr 30 2021, 18:54 PM -
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[quote name='Convuko' date='Today, 18:47 PM']

https://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes...=0#post10351628 #10Arcamis Oct 25 2020, 19:14 PM -

Posts: 223
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I have this guy on ignored users, yet I can still see all this shit. Is it broken or am I using it wrong?

Can we have another tab after "Popular replays", "Member replays" called "Hardcore members" or something? Purpose is to only allow people who are well known in the community to join and post stuff into it..

It could even be invisible to standard members, thus allowing to post cheat accusations (I assume its forbidden in public because it shows the community in a bad light to newcomers) etc.
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#14pwnstick  Apr 30 2021, 20:52 PM -
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^^ wtf you are speaking in actually readable english. Maybe DeathMachine is a Sky booster account after all.
#15\//\Death-Machine/\\/  Apr 30 2021, 20:58 PM -
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QUOTE(pwnstick @ Today, 20:52 PM)
^^ wtf you are speaking in actually readable english. Maybe DeathMachine is a Sky booster account after all.

Pawn turn on your brains, this is a copy of Arkamis's comment, this is a continuation of the topic, see the link
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