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Company of Heroes

Daaaamn bro, this was fun and intense!

#1Argentinosaurus  Feb 9 2019, 01:47 AM -

Replays: 60
Probably the best clash i've encountered this 2019 so far!
This was a lobby game. Armor vs Blitz.
Well played S1mply
#2S1mply  Feb 9 2019, 03:08 AM -
Replays: 135
gg wp thats how you play against fhq SeemsGood
#3piwawsky  Feb 9 2019, 08:16 AM -

Replays: 204 Game:
very nice armor game, nice vet on rifles and unit preservation.
That vet3 rifle roaming into wehr's base killing all retreating infantry was bad-ass wink.gif

gg wp from both, wubbed! wink.gif
#4MoreLuckPlease  Feb 10 2019, 23:26 PM -
Replays: 180 Game:
just wow! n1qshok.gif
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