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Company of Heroes

Trench Fail Into Epic Comeback vs Lv13

#1TheSkYisTheLimiT  Nov 16 2018, 15:06 PM -
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i rly were thinking about to delet this trench.... but yea i decided to keep it next to my base .. party started from there on biggrin.gif

enjoy it xD

#2MoreLuckPlease  Nov 16 2018, 15:44 PM -
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description sounds funny! gonna check at home xD
#3piwawsky  Nov 17 2018, 14:13 PM -

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QUOTE(MoreLuckPlease @ Yesterday, 17:44 PM)
description sounds funny! gonna check at home xD

me too

dropping a comment here just to know I have to watch it later wink.gif wink.gif

gonna edit and re-comment when I do... wink.gif
description soudns fun, yeah

edit: bad behaviour from your side, dude.
Why blame him for map-hacking when you lost all map at the beginning?
Why saying "gg" prematurely and saying you did a good comeback?

Just play a game and enjoy it, leave your E-penis behind.

Game was nothing special, typical brit blob with 2 LTs into agressive stuart into arty.
If your opponent would micro his units a bit better and went double mp44s it would be gg for you much earlier.
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#4MoreLuckPlease  Nov 18 2018, 12:57 PM -
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well, that trench action lasted for few seconds, wasnt so game deciding as u described it tongue.gif
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