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Company of Heroes

Bentguru/Archy/Golradaer vs Inubasha/NewName/AmericanPatriot

#1Bentguru  Feb 18 2007, 01:39 AM -
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woot high score \o/

Review please
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#2BLiNDBoi  Feb 18 2007, 06:13 AM -
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It was a nice game, I really enjoyed it. As for me, that was sort of my first game as axis vs. some better players. And I heard T2 was very good so I gave it a try. Well, after all I have only played like 10 or so games under the new patch. So I'm still very new to it biggrin.gif.

Base rushing was entertaining even in game smile.gif.
#3DarthJames  Feb 18 2007, 13:32 PM -
Replays: 3
Just a couple of comments from the benefit of hindsight:

1. Gol going WSC/Infantry Company was a huge mistake. Both of them. He spends a good portion of the game actually stuck in his base.

2. Epiphany (that you Bent?) - you seemed to spend most of your time shuttling back and forth to prop up your left and right flanks. Nothing wrong with that per-se because it seems your opposite did the same. However it does mean that you lose quite a few squads because (I presume) your attention was on a fight on the other side of the map.

Generally the best way to get an enemy to break off an assault is not to shore up your allies defence, but present danger on your part of the line. He then has to disengage his army and move across the map to hit you.

And now two general comments:

There is a noticable difference in the way that combats went when you got BARs. I think that if the axis go tier 2 in force then the allied player needs to upgrade his riflemen in order to stay competetive. Rushing to tanks doesn't help because pumped up grenadiers murder M10s and Shermans now (in the right conditions).

This is a classic case of 'general stalemate until the axis tech up to lev.3 inf and tanks'. The top of the axis tech tree is more powerful than the top of the allied tech tree. Or, to put it bluntly: you just can't handle 4 elite tigers and an ace rampaging round the map with infantry support. They will go where they want to, and are likely to win any stand up fight they enter.
#4york  Feb 18 2007, 15:18 PM -
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Was a cool game.

I will have to watch the replay to see the battles more clearly though. I must admit to being pretty perplexed out there. undoubtedly I was the "ahem" 6th best player lol.

anyways I killed a couple tanks and kept a positive kill death ratio so it wasnt all bad for me.

I hadent played this map in a few months so was lost in navigation 0wn3d.gif
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#5FreeZZinG  Feb 18 2007, 20:08 PM -
This is my favorite map mainly because base rushing plays a big role in the winning team. Also why angoville is such a great map.
#6T 1000  Feb 20 2007, 04:36 AM -
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axis just outplayed allies, plain and simple... nicely done axis
#7Yellow2Bellow  Feb 23 2007, 12:44 PM -
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I'll review.
#8Yellow2Bellow  Feb 23 2007, 14:39 PM -
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#9WISE Architect  Feb 23 2007, 15:09 PM -
Very nice review biggrin.gif

I never played in this map before. Was an easy prey for Inub on the right with that wire. tongue.gif

#10Yellow2Bellow  Feb 23 2007, 15:11 PM -
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Thanks, very well played, liked how you dropped Paras right behind that MG one time. Godlike play by all of you drol.gif
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