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Company of Heroes

SNF 5: DrHorse vs Freestyler game 2

#1DrHorse  Mar 28 2010, 21:05 PM -
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Second game. Here wehr dominated the game.
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#24dd1ct  Mar 29 2010, 14:20 PM -
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This game surprised me. Either Horse was really rusty as americans, or he played possum to make Freestyler take wehr on ango. Judging by how Horse played in the 3rd game im inclined to think the latter . .
#3rgrrrr  Mar 29 2010, 16:05 PM -
freestyler played a good game, where horse was too aggressive/unlucky with his first m8 and his snipers. one missed countersnipe, gets countersniped itself and losses the second to an ostwinds threads. freestyler didnt loose any major units(beside maybe the pak and i think one sniper) and got horse when he was without a real counter for the ostwind.
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