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Company of Heroes

The best tank battles part 10

#1\//\Death-Machine/\\/  May 1 2021, 08:15 AM -
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Sub-Zero-154.Arcamis-55.sina-27(2-2)24(1-1).Bayern München-(\//\Death-Machine/\\/). This is the last part, the best tank battles, I do not like football, 1: 1 I am a real noob, I am an additional player, I respect all players who have a conscience, I am here for the public, I am here to show a good game, I thank the administration for the opportunity show yourself. Thank you all !!! WUB? ))) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16KBdD9TOVw.................. https://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes...10#post10412340 (comments 15 hours in advance, made an appointment, but came in a mask)) did not expect sina, I was 100% sure that I would lose when I saw sina). \//\Death-Machine/\\/ Yesterday, 18:11 PM -

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QUOTE(Arcamis @ Today, 14:13 PM)

Do not blame them. It is not their fault jigsaw needed contestants for his new Saw movie sequel and hooked some of the members in this community to a kill-switch that triggers when they lose a game.

Obviously they are a little bit on the edge when you give them a jumpscare in the form of a non-perfect replay. \//\Death-Machine/\\/
I lost, because after work I was like dead, I see I need to lower you to the ground, after 15 hours, monkey, enter the game, 11 points were not enough to win,
there was a newbie in the team,imagine what will happen to you when I get enough sleep and drink coffee
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