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china pe on angovile

#1Kaos  Apr 29 2017, 17:13 PM -

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big thanks to genle aka AngoJeep

"I lost my first 10 games vs him but now I know what is the best way to beat him. My strat vs him works pretty good. I beat him on Ango and Langres!
M8 and Aimstrong wont work vs this PE-strat.

The key point vs him is munitions!!!! He always has same Caporder and donīt try to play something else.

I start with 3es. You need at least 1 Flamer. I play 4Rifles vs him.Its important to get some map with focus on munitions. Dont try to fight his Inf HT!!!! Direct retreat. Split up your units and try to cap him away the map until you have enough fuel to built a heelstation. Now you have to blob your units.
Play Bars! When you have the fuel add stickies!!!!

The next step is really important! Fight his InfHT Blob and make as much damage as you can. He donīt expect Barpop. When you time it correctly he usally lose 1-2 HTs.

But this doesnt matter! The point is tht he has to drive in his base to repair his HTīs. This takes him time because he doesnt have much Infantrie.

Now its your turn to steel him the whole Map!

You HAVE! to go Airbone. AirboneRanger are the HARDCOUNTER vs his HTs. He usally try to rebuilt them.
Play SuplyUpgrades now. You need Menpower! Play a second AB-Ranger. He will start building ACīs and Hetzers.
You can make a lot of pressure now. Drop 2-3 Paks. Idontunderstandenglish will try to decrew these and put all of his vehicles and Stg44 behind them. You have!!!! to build some very defensive mines behind your PAKs. Your AB-Ranger are not going to hit the ACīs. Barrifles with stickys next to your PAK beat the ACīs.

THATS IT!" - genle

He did exactly that, the only thing why I won a game vs him is cause I "knew" what he was doing, feels like i hacked tongue.gif
#2MoreLuckPlease  Apr 29 2017, 21:22 PM -
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nice instruction biggrin.gif
#3genle  May 1 2017, 13:28 PM -
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wp kaos smile.gif

I just saw the match on your past brodcasts. Iīm gonna WUB this when I am home again

On langres my strat even works way better because you can use more cover and its easier to cap the map. I guess you are not going to lose 1 more game vs his PE Strat if you play exactly my strategie. I forgot to say that 2 basemines defenetly can pay of vs him. Saved me at least 1 game I guess.
Thank you 4 mention me btw

#4S1mply  May 2 2017, 13:59 PM -
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the chinese guy is cheating in terms of maphack and freeze hack. I have a prove replay were he froze my game after i kicked his pe stuff off the map until he rebuild his whole army its redicules please watch it and report him
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