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Company of Heroes

vet3 stuff :O

#1Kaos  Jul 28 2017, 20:09 PM -

Replays: 140 Game:
airborne > defensive lul
different US gameplay from what you would expect, really worth to check it out, but still not the top tier godlike legendary replay, just a vet3 mortar and some other stuff like a different approach to US gameplay if you study it a little bit
wehr had a vesat-like strategy which should have worked better vs my gameplay here but he forgot how to split units in many occasions

There you go, 2 replays in 1 day
#2MoreLuckPlease  Jul 28 2017, 22:06 PM -
Replays: 178 Game:
Zarko did no nebel vs your annoying mortar tongue.gif and did not vet his tanks, soo... =)
#3Kaos  Jul 28 2017, 22:53 PM -

Replays: 140 Game:
I'm guessing he had no resources to do so xD
#4piwawsky  Jul 29 2017, 06:57 AM -

Replays: 205 Game:
gg wp
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