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Company of Heroes

Stop Cad

#1Kaos  Apr 25 2018, 23:50 PM -

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this duuud
dedicated to 10bag
#210bag  Apr 26 2018, 20:23 PM -
Replays: 2
that was dirty.
fair play for not spamming snipers, seems like you could've insta-tilted him with that.
gren spam in to t4 though...not much he could do against that...or anything else in this matchup.

tbh it's a bit sad that he's being so mouthy when it's clear he has no micro and bad decision making. he was never gonna win this game, and the only games he does win are due to brit cheese.
dude plays brit only, badly, trying to imitate xcom, and has the nerve to call other people noobs and abusers. FFS.

he was always a bit of a dick.
good to see you playing again though. hope to see some new replays vs non-knoobs.
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