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Company of Heroes

Closest game ever lol

#1DaUrvi  Jul 18 2019, 19:09 PM -
Replays: 8
Managed to get away with 1 point xD, fun game
#2DaUrvi  Jul 18 2019, 20:05 PM -
Replays: 8
Feel free to tell me what I should have done better
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#3Tropiciel_PaweL  Jul 21 2019, 19:05 PM -
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#4S1mply  Jul 21 2019, 19:17 PM -
Replays: 114
was entertaining game, good sniper and mine play from you
vet 1 for 2 volx before t2 and grens isn`t realy worth it tho, vv sn mg is designed to counter a fast m8 or trick him into bars which you counter with vet 2 grens.

Also if i see USA going t1- t4 i`d go t3 and vet 2 stugs, which i find more cost effective and better then a P4. Maybe a Mg bunker on your own vp once you are below 100 is also a worthy investement.

All in all good game tho was fun to watch
#5MoreLuckPlease  Jul 24 2019, 17:02 PM -
Replays: 173 Game:
Lol, high tension vp run! biggrin.gif Btw u was floating 600mp at the end, you could OP mun and place goliaths at VPs tongue.gif
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