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Company of Heroes

StGFresheg,XxRAxXMarcus2389 Vs Arabii,OinkOink

#1Marcus2389  Apr 10 2009, 13:14 PM -
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Here guys a really EPIC game to let you pass some minutes (more than an hour i admit) of laughs and smiles, with big comebacks starting from the first minutes until the end...

You won't know who won the game until the last seconds of the game...

Enjoy guys and have fun watching it, the same fun we had playing it...

#2hicksi  Apr 10 2009, 13:25 PM -
oh this is the third one xD hahahaha...

thanks for the match man, i had alot of fun xD...
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#3Marcus2389  Apr 10 2009, 13:56 PM -
Replays: 31 Game:
Guys i watched again the replay and i found a not so good comment by me:"i'll spam mortars and k*** their a****"...

I built 2mortars but this is not the point:i'm sorry for those words guys, hope you won't get angry...sometimes during games it happens to say things about opponents...

Sorry again, as you said, lot of fun... biggrin.gif
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#4pokeslow  Apr 10 2009, 14:00 PM -
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Really good game. How did the allies abuse though? wacko.gif
#5C3stus  Apr 10 2009, 14:33 PM -
Replays: 29 Game:
great game nice nice biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

#6Marcus2389  Apr 10 2009, 14:37 PM -
Replays: 31 Game:
we thought they would abuse some troops, at the end i can say that we saw some snipers, lots of mgs and lots of ATs...

But...yes pokeslow, they didn't abuse...no blob of airbornes or other troops...

The only thing they always had was...the pershing!!!How could u have always a pershing on the field? ^^ we had lot of fun with him!!! smile.gif
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#7Marcus2389  Apr 10 2009, 14:43 PM -
Replays: 31 Game:
I took the image from the other replay that OinkOink posted, so you can see it here...

OinkOink said:
" http://imgbox.de/?img=d33655k97.jpg tongue.gif

i hope this says it all..."
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#8Domovoi  Apr 10 2009, 15:23 PM -
Replays: 21 Game:
All the games after the 2.400 are longer then 1 hour and larger then 1 MB .
#9MuppetBoomer  Apr 10 2009, 18:48 PM -
Replays: 28 Game:
OMG what a great game from both sides I loved the axis tank rush on right half way through was amazing and the ending you think allies have one then boom V1 in your face and game is over lol wp to all and wubbed thumb.gif
#10Two  Apr 10 2009, 23:20 PM -
Replays: 47 Game:
Can you take a photo of your keyboard and post it please? I wana see how you can swap between russian and english so fast, or if you have 2 seperate keypads making it a huge keyboard ohmy.gif Or if u hit a button to swap modes or something.
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