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Company of Heroes

Rizky (blitz.) vs. Marinez (inf.)

#51andYz00m  Jun 4 2009, 17:20 PM -
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I'm gunna cast this this weekend when I get a chance, I AM SO MAD IVE BEEN OUT OF TOWN WITHOUT A FUCKING MIC. I'm sure some will watch it again... cant wait...
#52Hundasupa  Jun 5 2009, 16:20 PM -
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A shame the hellcat didn't deliver. :l

Entertaining game though smile.gif

#53souljalol  Jun 5 2009, 21:31 PM -
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Someone needs to go ahead and award that Panzershreck'd Stormsquad with 10 tank kills a Knight's Cross Medal.
#54Kolaris  Jun 6 2009, 04:56 AM -
Replays: 48 Game:
Hellcats only seem worth it when you can put 2-3 of them together in a Cloak Wall and Alpha Strike enemy tanks. They're so god damn bad when you're trying to pursue something or finish it off.
#55Shagulon  Jun 6 2009, 10:19 AM -
Replays: 9 Game:
I really liked it, and don't get me wrong I really love watching unique strategies (well done marinez) but at the same time it kinda felt cheap. I don't know if anyone has played coolhand - he seems to come up with some interesting strats but always based around spamming specific units.

I guess I'm just nit-picking though, I really enjoyed the match-up. Well played both.
#56Joesoef  Jun 8 2009, 13:00 PM -
Wubbed. Lovely game and a nice shoutcast.. smile.gif

I can understand now why you don't want to use the Hellcat in Panzerkrieg laugh.gif
#57aramonkg  Jun 11 2009, 00:13 AM -
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Congratulations on making it into the HoF!!! thum.gif

It was a pretty GG despite the fact it was played on an admittedly absolutely horrendous patch!
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