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Company of Heroes

StGFresheg,XxRAxXMarcus2389 Vs Arabii,OinkOink

#71bannoura  Apr 19 2009, 09:18 AM -
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great game, never saw the end coming
#72GerryHYH  Apr 19 2009, 10:17 AM -
Replays: 22 Game:
GREAT GAME! smile.gif
#73Varanus  Apr 19 2009, 18:01 PM -
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Good game.

Am I the only one who felt that crazy Panther suicide rushes were the only thing that kept the axis in this match? No offense, but those reminded me more of Starcraft than CoH. My take away from this match between high level players is that all this talk about CoH being different and more dependent on micro and unit preservation is misleading, at best. The only way to win seems to be by spamming suicide rushes ... which is the oldest RTS tactic in the book.

I'm disappointed.
#74GhostTX  Apr 19 2009, 21:27 PM -
I'm just glad they stuck in it rather than giving up.

Way to go, guys!
#75Kikero  Apr 20 2009, 04:31 AM -
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Great Game. Very Entertaining slugfest. This was encouraging to see in that the U.S could stand vs that combo from competent players. Perhaps mistakes lent to that but in a game like this with a map that big mistakes and mayhem are bound to be a part of it. Certainly more skill than I have all around.

Well done by both sides.....Wubbed.
#76FILLosOFF  Apr 21 2009, 18:43 PM -
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Never surrender ! thumb.gif
#77spartoecus  May 9 2009, 04:37 AM -
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why was sgtfresh floating 1400 mp and not really moving?

i thought he went to get a drink or something.
#78frsjke  May 13 2009, 16:16 PM -
Replays: 9 Game:
cuz old reps are broken on new patches
#79hicksi  May 13 2009, 22:45 PM -
there is a videocast/shoutcast available, if u wanna c it...

right here http://www.gamereplays.org/community/index...howtopic=476651
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