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Company of Heroes

Sepha vs Siberian

#1Sepha  Aug 25 2009, 17:18 PM -
This was an exhausting game, I didn't even have time to tech (kept having to cancel it) because I had to keep making units to repel attacks.

I don't know how but this guy always manages to crack my defenses and it's hard to beat, well played again!
#24dd1ct  Aug 25 2009, 17:20 PM -
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Great game, watched it live and man it was tense! cant quite believe the ending

well played both
#3DcalPanda  Aug 25 2009, 17:24 PM -
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watched it live too
so many croms jeez
#4Sandland  Aug 25 2009, 17:25 PM -
damn that was a good game wp both !
#5Siou  Aug 25 2009, 18:01 PM -
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Very well-played!

I was watching it live as well and it was quite breathtaking at the end!

Downloading just to wub tongue.gif
#6TychoCelchuuu  Aug 25 2009, 18:08 PM -
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Believe it or not I might actually shoutcast this.
#7saneel  Aug 25 2009, 18:43 PM -
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Damn, that was good game biggrin.gif medic saved the day, also nice V1, but pretty bad use of KT. Big wub from me smile.gif
#8Iplayforthelolz  Aug 25 2009, 19:02 PM -
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amazing match, im surprised commandos were so effective against vet 2 and vet 3 grens..
#9TychoCelchuuu  Aug 25 2009, 19:04 PM -
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Sweet replay! Shoutcast up in this thread.
#10MagpiesFlightX  Aug 25 2009, 19:52 PM -
Replays: 72
nice game, so hard that way for wehr and we see the fall delivered by commandos. nice to see that ability decide victory for a change
basic match replays arent so exiting though
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