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1 vs 1 Relic COH2 Annihilation Tournament

By FallenXE - 5th June 2018 - 18:41 PM

Relic will be hosting the upcoming 1 vs 1 Annihilation Tournament for Company of Heroes 2. The tournament will take place on Saturday, June 9th 2018 at 08.00 AM PDT. Use this website to convert the tournament time and date to your local timing. Our resident staffer DukeJason will be the administrator and referee for the tournament. In addition to that, he is also the sponsor behind the Grand Prize and giveaways for the tournament.

Those who are interested to take part in this tournament are required to be on the Battlefy platform. As of the time of writing however, the player registration cap of 300 players has been reached and thus other players who are interested in signing up shall be placed on a waiting list. Do check out the Battlefy page for the full list of rules to be observed as well as the full list of prizes for this tournament.

Those who are interested in observing the tournament can check out the Twitch stream of HelpingHans, who is the official broadcaster for this tournament. There will be full PC game giveaways during the tournament on the official Twitch broadcast as well for those observing the tournament.

All the best to those that are taking part in the tournament and may it be an exciting and interesting one!

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