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75% off Steam Sale

By yesyamaha - 28th March 2015 - 07:51 AM

The Sega publisher weekend sale is well underway on steam this weekend and along with some of its other successful games, Sega is offering the Company of Heroes 2 bundle which includes not just Company of Heroes 2 but its multiplayer expansion with both the Oberkomando West and the American factions available. Also available are multiple Theater of War DLCs which can be a blast if you're into AI bashing (alone or with others) as these are a set of strategic missions where you go up against the AI in several strategic battles (with different initial resources and different objectives) to finally win the entire theater. Oh and did I mention it also contains Company of Heroes 1 one of the greatest RTS games ever made and the reason COH2 even exists.

Also, if you have missed the the critically acclaimed Single Player expansion, COH2 - The Ardennes Assault it might be a good time to get it since its 65% of right now. You can also buy the basic Company of Heroes 2 standalone version for 75% off also of course.

In case you already own some or all of these, it might be a great time to coax some of your friends into buying into the franchise, you might have to tutor them a bit but its definitely worth the effort because you know you're introducing them to something fantastic!

Oh and as you might imagine several other fan favorites are also on discount like for example the Dawn of War and Total War series and of course the brilliant(ly stupid) and the extraordinary( let down ) Aliens: Coloniel Marines (please avoid it).