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New CoH2 DLC pack coming September 24th

This weekend only, Company of Heroes 2 is 33% off on Steam!
This includes the normal version of the game, the Collector's Edition and the upgrade from normal to Collector's Edition.
This weekend, players also receive double XP from all their battles so take advantage of it by finally getting the game or convincing some friends to get a copy!

Relic entertainment have announced the release of their next CoH2 downloadable content pack Case Blue for September 24th and teased many of the changes including new multiplayer maps, ToW missions and new commanders that will be available for both ToW and multiplayer.

The multiplayer maps and commanders will be available to anyone for free whereas the ToV pack can already be preordered and is available for free for anyone owning a Digital Preorder or Collector's Edition of the game.
The preorder of the ToV pack is also 10% off on Steam if you have a normal version of the game and don't want to upgrade to Collector's Edition.

The teased multiplayer maps were the 2-4 player map Road to Kharkov and the 6-8 player map Faceoff at Rostov as well a the commanders that should give both sides more variety with a remix of already known abilities.

If you want to watch the teaser yourself, you can check out the official Relic Twitch stream for reruns and recordings.
There will also be a second streaming session on Monday, September 23rd. If you have questions to the Developers for their Q&A session you can already send them to info@relic.com

What are your thoughts about the announcement and teaser? Are you as excited as we are?
Tell us in the comments!

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