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Tip of the Week #6: The Repair Point

By ScuttleShip - 22nd July 2013 - 14:46 PM

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The Repair Point is now available for some maps and holds a large strategic value. This is an incredibly useful feature because you don't need to have dedicated engineers to repair your vehicles unless they would not be able to reach this capture point in time.

Whilst being an incredibly useful resource, the positioning of these Repair Points has a tendency to be a little further away from the battle. This gives the player two choices: they can either send their unit off to repair in the relative safety of the point, adressing the fact that, should a fight break out, your tank or vehicle will be out of reach. Or, you will also have the option of trying to scrounge together some engineers so they can keep the tank in the fight that little bit longer.

Because these points are further away from the center of the fight they can also cause a bit of a distraction. Make sure you don't pay all of your attention to the points: any good tactician will often try and pick away behind your lines and this will be one of your main priorities.

Don't waste the opportunity!

If you have access to one of these repair points, make the best use of it. A severely damaged tank will benefit hugely from being at one of these points. The repair does not take very long but, more importantly, it allows you to have engineers that can adapt and be used for other purposes.

This is an ideal location for Rocket Artillery. Howitzer counter barrages are incredibly accurate but with the repair point, unless a shot were to hit directly on top of the trucks, they would survive the blast because of the repair that they should instantly receive.

Repair Points are a blessing in disguise, don't be afraid to use them but be careful as moving your tank away from the battle might mean that you'll have nothing to support your infantry when that full frontal assault comes.

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