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Tip of The Week #10: Attack Ground Part One

By Dullahan - 20th October 2013 - 00:43 AM

The Attack Ground command is one of the basic commands available to most explosive weapons in the game but can also be used for others, like flamethrowers. It is often overlooked by most players in the heat of battle although its use in the right situations can give you the deciding edge needed to defeat your opponent!

Most uses for the Attack Ground command rely on having information that the enemy may not know you possess. If you get this information from a scout plane or a long range sight unit does not matter. Just keep your eyes and even your ears open for anything that might tell you what your opponent is up to. Information is power and often even guessing can pay off!

Attrition Barrage
Use Attack Ground as a sustained barrage on known enemy positions like a bunkers, trenches or forward headquarters! This will force him to either give up his fortified position and take the fight to you.

Firing blind barrages isn't its only use.
Many neutral objects in the game world can be destroyed by firing on them and the Attack Ground command allows you to do this even though they are not marked as enemies.
Finally overpowered an enemy vehicle but it gets just abandoned? Finish it! Lost a tank because your crew cowardly fled the battle field? Deny it to the enemy!

This also applies to tank wrecks or walls that may block your units' path, good sources of cover and even campfires. Not even houses can withstand your lust for destruction for long. Tear down buildings your enemy used or might use against you. Bring it down with tanks, anti tank guns and mortars if it is of greater use for him than for you!
You might even want to set it ablaze with your flamethrowers or want arrange them to collapse more easily over the heads of your enemies. Even partially destroyed buildings will discourage your enemy from utilizing them.

Breaking the Ice
Shell frozen rivers and lakes with Attack Ground bombardment to prepare an icy grave for tank crews!

The Attack Ground command leaves room for many creative uses. Use it and your head to best your enemy!
What is your favorite Attack Ground trick? Tell us in the comments!
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