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Tip of The Week #11: Attack Ground Part Two

By Dullahan - 20th October 2013 - 00:47 AM

Last week we highlighted the some basic uses of the Attack Ground command. This week we are expanding your bag of tricks some more!

One of the advanced uses for the ground attack command is to remotely trigger enemy mines and demolition charges. Once you have an Attack Ground unit you can no longer trigger mines only with abilities such as a rifle grenade, now you can also do it for free! If you see an enemy lay them don't hesitate to destroy them! You can also use the Ground Attack command to check popular mine positions if during breathing time between engagements. If you see enemy Engineers linger in an area for too long this can be a sign that they just planted a nasty surprise somewhere so you might want to avoid popular mine spots or check them with Attack Ground first.
It is always preferable to clearing the mine by accidentally stepping on it and it is completely free. Bonus points if you blow up your enemy's own troops in the process!
Not only enemy mines can be cleared this way. If you see a huge number of infantry walk over one of your Teller Mines, you can use a grenade or Attack Ground to turn them to bits!

Attack Ground can even be used to hit enemy units through sight obstructions like hedges and smoke. Of course this works best when the enemy doesn't suspect it and is currently stationary. All you need to know is his position which can be provided by other troops, a recon plane, being very observant or even estimating his position by listening into the fog of war.

Then you can use Attack Ground to make your flamethrower or anti tank gun shoot through sight obstructions.

Champion Shot
Use the scatter mechanics to your advantage by aiming a few meters on the other side of the stationary enemy vehicle to increase your chance to hit it!

Did we forget to highlight your favorite Attack Ground trick? Or do you know some super secret creative uses? Let us know in the comments!
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