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Company of Heroes 2 Strategies

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Tip of The Week #4: The Brumbarr

Tuesday, 18 Jun 2013
The Sturmpanzer IV Brumbarr is a brand new vehicle in Company of Heroes 2. Available for the Wehrmacht from the Heavy Panzer Korps late in the game, it is very durable vehicle with strong anti-infantry and anti-structure attacks. Renovating The Brumbarr main gun is devastating to structures...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of The Week #3: The Maxim Machine Gun

Tuesday, 11 Jun 2013
While the German MG42 is well renowned for its superior suppression and area of fire, the Soviet Maxim Machine Gun has really flown under the radar. Most players look at the smaller cone of fire and just dismiss it as an ineffective unit and vastly inferior to the German equivalent....
Strategy Guide

Transitioning from CoH1 to CoH2: A Starter Guide

Wednesday, 24 Apr 2013
Company of Heroes 2 can be a challenging experience for any first time player. Fundamentally, the sequel to the award winning original is based off the same blueprint. Underneath the design, however, lies several changes and additions sure to confuse even the most experienced veteran during their...
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Tip of The Week # 2: Snipers

Tuesday, 23 Apr 2013
One of the biggest changes between vanilla Company of Heroes and Company of Heroes 2 is the functionality of snipers. While they still serve a similar role of eliminating infantry targets from a distance, there has been some changes to their core mechanics. For example, rather than a toggle...
Strategy Guide

Blizzard Conditions: How to Survive and Thrive TotW#1

Wednesday, 17 Apr 2013
Blizzards are one of the most highlighted features in Company of Heroes 2. How exactly do they affect your troops? Are blizzards a bad thing? For veteran and new Company of Heroes players alike, the new dynamic weather system can be a difficult obstacle to overcome. In this tip of the week, we'll...