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GameReplays.org's BBCode Master Guide v3.119.0

Please refer to Gamereplays.org's instructions for image sizes for portal usage!

Image: includes an image specified by a URL, you should not need any other way to include images

IPB Image

"Floating" image: like [img], but also sets a custom class value, e.g. “left” or “right”


Neither works well on the portal!

Here you can find an example, of what this code does on the portal:

Link to a portal article with float tags

Image with border: like the img tag, but adds a border around the image


Lightbox: used to link images that are closely related or sequential, or to link to a large image that would otherwise be too large for the portal width

Single Image:


Group of Images:

[lightbox1=LARGE_IMAGE_URL1]SMALL_IMAGE_URL1[/lightbox1] [lightbox1=LARGE_IMAGE_URL2]SMALL_IMAGE_URL2[/lightbox1]

To create additional groups on the same page, use lightbox 1 through 9. If you just have one group of images, then "lightbox" can be used without a group number.

More information: