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GameReplays.org's BBCode Master Guide v3.119.0

Version 3.119.0
  • added cnc sourcequote
    contributed by Locutus
Version 3.118.0
  • added youtube_time
    contributed by DJ_Chill
Version 3.117.0
2016-12-22Version 3.116.0
  • added twitch
  • added twitchchat
    contributed by DJ_Chill
Version 3.114.0
  • checked all listed BBCodes still exist on GameReplays.org
  • spent over 25 hours migrating this guide from the soulstorm to contributor profiles forum, manually changing over 100 in-guide links!
  • split the special purposes tab, separating sourcequotes and country and in-game flags into their own tabs
  • added eugen and twitch sourcequote styles
  • added steam
  • added soundcloud150
  • added soundcloud450
  • added hidesource
  • added share
  • added Google Calendar
  • added Google Spreadsheet 850
  • added flowplayer, flowplayer2
  • added floatleft, floatright
  • added ts3url
    contributed by DJ_Chill
Version 2.99.9
  • added pimps sourcequote
  • added d1 divider
  • added dj blue revnote
  • added the modnote
  • added comment
    contributed by DJ_Chill
Version 2.99.8
  • added valve, riot and s2 sourcequotes
    contributed by Vivo
Version 2.99.7
  • added petroglyph sourcequote
    contributed by Vivo
Version 2.99.6
  • added coharmy game specific faction icon tags
    contributed by AmiPolizeiFunk
Version 2.99.5
  • added googlespreadsheet, challonge and BinaryBeast tags
    contributed by Vivo
Version 2.99.5
  • added lightbox tag
    contributed by kustodian
  • added ea as sourcequote source logo
    contributed by angelsfan
Version 2.99.5
2011-04-24Version 2.97.4
  • added justintv and justintvvideo tags
    contributed by kustodian
Version 2.95.3
  • added question tag
    contributed by Schmieds
Version 2.94.2
  • added user_profile, user_pm and user_last90 tags
    contributed by R Schneider and kustodian
  • added link to the feedback topic in the table of contents
    contributed by R Schneider
  • fixed "lazy" versions of the url and email tags
    contributed by R Schneider
Version 2.91.1
  • added a tip about CSS styling properties for the break tag
    contributed by TPPK
Version 2.91.0
  • updated the guide to the styled index layout
    assisted by kustodian
  • splitted the page for Embedding into Videos, Chats and Specific Internet Services
  • alphabetically rearranged the tags for embedding videos, chats and specific internet services in the guide and in the table of contents
  • added a link to the table of contents at the bottom of each page
Version 1.91.5
  • updated the flag tag with examples for every available country
    contributed by AgmLauncher
Version 1.91.4
2010-06-10Version 1.90.3
  • changed the example for the table tag to a more explanatory one
    contributed by R Schneider
  • added an example for a styled table with borders
    contributed by R Schneider and TPPK
Version 1.90.2
  • changed the example for the table tag to a more explanatory one
    contributed by TPPK
Version 1.90.1
  • added cnctube (CNCTube), livestream900 (Livestream (wide)) and webchat900 (Webchat (wide)) tags
    contributed by Vivo
  • included the tag for Livestream Videos in the table of contents
Version 1.87.0
  • initial release
    contributed by Kibatsu