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Dark Crusade

[1.2]Santiago (CSM) vs Marteffyo (Ork)

#1Santiago  May 4 2007, 21:57 PM -
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Me vs Marteffyo on Battle Marches. I go with a 1 cult build and CSM/CL gen for LP2s and try to keep the map split up between us, he foils my plan by BM/shoota killing my one cult squad when I almost have the relic though. After that it's my poor tacs running back and forth putting out fires and harassing, he drives a trukk into my base and before I can saw "oh noes" I am down to pretty much no econ at all. But I still have my army intact and in return I take down his mek shop \o/

I push on one side and he pushes on the other, I destroy a lot of buildings while he goes "RAAAAAWR NO YOU DON'T" and bashes my poor tier 3 HQ to smitherenes. Little does he know that I have a heretic secreted at one relic rebuilding while I'm hitting him hard with PSMs/oblits/CSMs.

Does losing a bunch of banners + PoG + hut + gens hurt more then losing temple + HQ + sacrificial circle? In the end, econ prevails.
#2.bAgr  May 4 2007, 22:09 PM -
great! Thanks for posting smile.gif
#3Midnight^  May 4 2007, 22:11 PM -
yay a santiago replay smile.gif
#4.bAgr  May 4 2007, 22:52 PM -
wp by you. Do you prefer plasma or HBs in T3 vs. Orks?
#5Santiago  May 5 2007, 13:12 PM -
Replays: 12 Game:
Plasma obviously xD

HBs are awesome but they're no match for the dps and easier dancing that plasma enables.
#6DA CAP'N  May 5 2007, 18:55 PM -
Replays: 56 Game:
how about you play chaos in our match? pretty pls? biggrin.gif
#7VaultDweller7  May 5 2007, 21:32 PM -
Replays: 67
i Disagree. I think CSM daggers in t3 are the best. While the tacs may be invisible the pink plasma can STILL BE SEEN. And crafty players w/ good APM will be able to outmicro the plasma and dodge them for the most part. CSM daggers on the other hand are like mystical weapons of ninjitsu and as such are unseen by the enemy! Slip those stealthed daggers into Orky flesh!! KIYAAAAAH!
#8Santiago  May 5 2007, 22:30 PM -
Replays: 12 Game:
QUOTE(DA CAP'N @ May 5 2007, 20:55 PM) *

how about you play chaos in our match? pretty pls? biggrin.gif

I would have considered doing it in one of the games, but since no raceswitching is allowed I dunno, maybe if you go ork or cron or something? happy.gif
#9Dorkdav  May 6 2007, 23:38 PM -
Replays: 24 Game:
Review by: Dorkdav

A great game on Battle Marshes. Big momentum and economy shifts, as the game move into tier 3. Each player dealing heavy base damage to each other’s base. Silver Replay RotW and Gold replay contender.


One cultist build was interesting. Seem to work well enough for you, though you failed to get either relic. But delivered a big hit by taking out the mek shop, then used your tier advantage to turn the economy and game in your favor. Excellent use of the map, always keep pressure coming from both sides and had the patience to wait for a good chance to attack.
  • Made the one cult build work, but had trouble getting area control thanks to ninja porting.
  • Post more replays

Had some nice moves in the game, the teleporting the mek and shootas to kill the cultists, using the nobs and trukks to take down the Chaos economy. Though fell behind in tech and lost the economy advantage. A nice move taking down the HQ but took heavy base damage of your own. Played a great game but Santiago's play was just too tight and with economy edge he could afford to comeback.
  • Beware of chaos uber tech speed.
  • It’s always difficult to tell what to do about banners. Putting everything together makes a good defense until obliterators show up, but no placement can stop them from taking out buildings with their damage and range. Pile O Gunz should be in a safer local.
Overall Rating: 8
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#10Midnight^  May 7 2007, 11:55 AM -
Just got round to watching this and I agree with Dorkdav its gold or at least gold candidate w00t.gif
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