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Dark Crusade

[1.11]Ig (DAS CAPN) vs eldar

#21XpOiNtZ2020  Jan 14 2007, 19:36 PM -
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#22Dantee  Jan 16 2007, 23:33 PM -
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GG and GJ Das Capn wink.gif
#23RockISusan  Feb 10 2007, 02:17 AM -
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SUPER NICE REPLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Definetly deserves gold. Altough it irritated me that the eldar player didnt just destroy IG's HQ when he had the chance........instead his 4-5 WL ran away from 3 GM squads. There was alot of times when IG had buildings wich had 1/2 or less "health" and then he would send his WL too attack another building just to have tech-priests repair the damaged buildings. Also he didnt target the TP's once while they were repairing the buildings, just kept on shooting at the buildings while the TP repaired faster than he could deal out damage. AND DONT HAVE YOUR UN-UPGRADED WL SHOOTING AT BUILDINGS...CCC!!!!!!!!!!!! Great game but there were some major bloopers too, in my opinion anyway. (And yes i know its easy too say all this post-game, and no i am probably not 1/2 as good as any of the 2 players)

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