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Dark Crusade

[WH]Hero vs Charizma (IG vs Necron on FC)

#31Yagami_Kun  Aug 9 2009, 22:32 PM -
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Good ol time eh merc reminds me of my first steps when iwas a baby!!!
#32Officer Cartman  Sep 4 2010, 03:10 AM -
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When you got your baneblade out, why didn't you get all your forces to go support it?

Even after it killed the necron army almost singlehandedly, you moved him farther out, and let him get hit on by pariahs forever, and let your karskins sit there, and your ogryns on the other side of the map.

If you had kept your Baneblade alive you could have one easily.

And he didn't really spam from what I saw, had two squads of immortals, pariahs, one or two wraiths, and pariahs.
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#33Ezilkannan  May 5 2011, 06:31 AM -
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uhm, are you sure this is for v 1.2? caz i was unable to load this replay. My game version is 1.2
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