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Dark Crusade

[1.11]IG (DAS CAPN) vs orks (ICE|uknown)

#1DA CAP'N  Jan 4 2007, 02:26 AM -
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ok, this is definitley the best game ive seen in all my time playing dow. extreme skill, lasts well into t4, 3 squiggs appear.

i did a good job of defending and destroying his gitz, but he does a grand job of keeping me off a relic. imo the fact that i couldnt get a baneblade is what cost me the game.

anyways. awesome game, i hope you agree with me. if this isnt gold medal material i gont know what is.

it isnt a automatch so im sure there is plenty of talking going on by observers, hopefully that doesnt scare anyone away from this one.
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#2eve  Jan 4 2007, 03:17 AM -
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best you've seen? I call dibbs on the review ^^
#3.bAgr  Jan 4 2007, 11:41 AM -
w0ot, amazing game, wp both drol.gif

the final sluggas assault was funny biggrin.gif
#4suxalot  Jan 4 2007, 18:13 PM -
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Great game, kept me on the edge of my seat. As with the observers I was chanting

"Cap Relic! Cap Relic! Cap Relic"

lol sad I thought you had it. But your economy was terrible this game. Too focused on the battles?
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#5DA CAP'N  Jan 4 2007, 21:25 PM -
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when you start seeing flash gitz and squiggoths it kind of drains your micro taking care of them. i rewatched the replay and saw my oppurtunity to get a relic. it was when i sent a fresh gm squad to cap the upper left corner, but sadly a slugga was already capping it and i was to busy to realise and didnt make them cap it after the slugga was dead.
#6DA CAP'N  Jan 4 2007, 21:26 PM -
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lol and yea, the final assault was great. it felt very orky. when all else fails... throw a bunch more orks at it!
#7PenguinX  Jan 4 2007, 21:51 PM -
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As a newer player wanting to try IG, will definately watch! thum.gif
#8.bAgr  Jan 4 2007, 22:08 PM -
the spectators' "commentary" made it more spicy biggrin.gif
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#9DA CAP'N  Jan 4 2007, 22:36 PM -
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nothing like a good audience to enhance a game smile.gif
#10Sly  Jan 5 2007, 03:50 AM -
This replay was freaking bananas banana.gif banana.gif. DoW TV material for sure. Look for my commentary on this one this weekend biggrin.gif.

sad.gif For some reason DA_CAPN's best replays are always with him losing, besides the one he won 200 bucks with of course biggrin.gif.

can't wait to videocast this one.
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