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Dark Crusade

[1.11]Ig (DAS CAPN) vs eldar

#1DA CAP'N  Dec 7 2006, 04:27 AM -
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heres a pretty good game vs an eldar player. he goes for early harras with rangers, which i expect, so i get a psyker first. then he goes into spamming some reap squads. some pretty heavy battling up the tiers. around t2 i take some major casulties due to guardsmens stupid pathing... and then the spiders come.... luckily i manage to get t3 pretty soon after they arrive so my assasin really puts the hurt on them. i eventually push back his assault of spiders +wl and ill let you see where it goes from there biggrin.gif

P.S. funny how eldars t2 can stand toe to toe with igs t3 huh? i couldnt really even attack him on equal ground until i had a kasrkin squad.
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#2suxalot  Dec 8 2006, 02:40 AM -
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Ravana[X3M] IPB Image VS DAS_CAPN IPB Image

IPB Image


1st bonesinger -> Aspect Portal -> Infiltrated rangers
Guardian Squad (GS) -> Bonesinger (BS) -> GS -> Fleet of Foot

Ah Ravana, I've heard so much about you, have finally gotten the chance to watch 1 of your replays tongue.gif You started off with the infiltrated rangers build, which I guess is one of the more solid Eldar builds around. He goes for psyker on his Command Squad (CS) and sort of a commie rush, but I must say you handled it extremely well. Good micro with your rangers and 2 reaper squads. You weren't on overwatch but you succeeded in keeping all your squads alive while making his massive IG Guardsmen Squad (GM) chase you round and round your half of the map while you bought time to LP up your points. I loved the trap you set of DAS when you laid the mines beside your 2 LP2s. That basically stopped his assault for a good few minutes as it broke the morale on all his GM squads. You constantly teleported bonesingers in to repair your wraithlords too smile.gif Your economy was great as well. You had control of the 2 relics for some time and your req and power income was better than DAS for the most part of the game.

I think you lost your Farseer too easily in 1st battle she took part in. Maybe you wanted to tie up the GM squads but Farseer isn't exactly the tanking hero, especially with DAS' frequent use of execute. Upgraded Wraithlords + brightlance really owns vehicles, but I think you were too spammy with the WL. I think teching up to Fire Prisms would've been a better choice in taking out his massive GM and kasrkin squad.

In conclusion, you played a great game. But I think DAS' assassin rendered your Warp Spiders useless. By the time you got out your Seer Council to detect, I think the assassin had already killed off 500 req worth of WS. As a result, you hardly had any infantry to attack with wacko.gif

Player rating: 6


1st techpriest -> Infantry Command
GM squad x2 -> techpriest -> GM

Nice rush you did there, really slowed down Ravana's economy, think he had like 2 uncompleted LPs? Your GM squads never seem to die off, and nice use of broken GM squad to tie up the reapers. It was a good choice to forgo the bassies and go straight to kasrkin instead. Bassies would be unsuitable for the fast moving Eldar. Great job defending your base on numerous assaults. You barely had any AV (your 1st sentinel was really really late), but you were able to focus fire and keep those Wraithlords at bay. The assassin is ridiculously good, I think he effectively disabled any infantry army that Ravana could wield. When you had baneblade out, the game was over.

I think you could've upgraded the number of available leaders on your CS to accommodate more psykers. If you had 3 psykers = 3 more CotMS, that would be extremely useful against his WL mass. Your CS micro was abit lax in the beginning, you lost them carelessly multiple times by chasing the Eldar reapers around without GM support. Your 2 Hellhounds were also carelessly lost. You sent them into his base, but they got quickly wiped out by the timely arrival of his WL and fire dragon squads. You also need to work on your GM pathing lol.

Player rating: 7

In conclusion, this was an extremely entertaining game and a definite must watch. The 1st 15 mins of the game in particular, were very exciting!

Replay rating: 6

Nominated for RotW

Silver Replay

Gold Replay
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#3ThOR  Dec 10 2006, 20:15 PM -
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What an awsome game.... drol.gif
#4Sesleri  Dec 27 2006, 07:12 AM -
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wow that was a great game!

i loved the execute and assassin use
#5XeZZ  Dec 27 2006, 11:21 AM -
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QUOTE(DA CAP'N @ Dec 7 2006, 05:27 AM) *

P.S. funny how eldars t2 can stand toe to toe with igs t3 huh? i couldnt really even attack him on equal ground until i had a kasrkin squad.

Hm.. WS>GM.. But only going for T3 brings no benefit^^ Going T3 without using it is same as u were T2 ^^. So The assasin u got is very nice but i dunno what u expect? Ig T3-button = I.W.I.N - Button?

€: At the beginning where the ELdar wasnt t3 u only had ur assasini think. U lost ur hellounds so that their T3 power was never used. Dunno what u mean with this. Ur GM and ur Assasin own him really hard!
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#6tSun  Dec 27 2006, 14:36 PM -
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great game great review DAS_CAPN and Suxalot smile.gif.

P.S CAPN was it fun with vegas with your $200 ;P
#7Sly  Dec 27 2006, 18:13 PM -
Well this was a good review, however my thoughts are that this replay deserves at least an 8.
#8.bAgr  Jan 2 2007, 16:14 PM -
Promoted to Silver Replay, Gold Replay contender. w00t.gif
#9WISE Architect  Jan 4 2007, 18:46 PM -
Why isnt this replay in the silver forum? tongue.gif
#10.bAgr  Jan 4 2007, 19:32 PM -
it is laugh.gif
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