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Dark Crusade

[WH]Hero vs Charizma (IG vs Necron on FC)

#1WH_Hero  Feb 2 2008, 13:44 PM -
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[WH]Hero vs Charizma
IG vs Necron

I'm hate this guy... I'm loose to him 2 games... He pwn me like a girl = 2-3Monolits + Wrath spam + NW spam - and all of this vs IG!!! I'm realy disappointed of all this crap.. and try something new... Some kind of Imba Chaos T3 smile.gif
SO, what we have? Just see this rep.. banana.gif banana.gif banana.gif
#2mdigibou  Feb 2 2008, 13:47 PM -
Replays: 63 Game:
Ill check it out for ya Hero wink.gif Add some comments as im watching

Good choice of CS config, often overlooked for priest+psyker. Also, i noticed you used him standing still to kill scarabs, he has 35% accuracy while moving, but only 50% standing still. Dont feel bad about chasing after the scarab if it avoids you beingshot by NW's

Kay, i understand youre going for a eco build, but i felt like your tier 1 presence just wasnt enough. Another funny thing, while you were chasing that scarab you could have utilized the IG building transport to pop up infront of it =P

@7 minutes in, you are harassing his obelisks even though he has a full army. Destroying the Obelisk if you havent dealt with his army yet wont help you at all. You were better off harassing the gen farm right next to it.

Very nice ending =D You really really turned the game around with the way you eco boomed straight for tier 4. The only suggestion i have for you after tier 3 was to NOT REBUILD THE ASSASSIN. He didnt kill anything but necron warriors all game and cost you a bundle... i think 6 times?? died for absolutely nothing twice. You would have been better off building him and harassing the necron building_low w/ melee (lol assassin melee)

Once tier 3 hit it felt like you "woke up" and finally started trying =P
great watch!
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#3WH_Hero  Feb 2 2008, 15:18 PM -
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mdigibou, thx a lot!! Realy good comment...
About assasin - i thought, he can help me with wraths and NL... coz he didnt see him.. i think i can shoot them up a lot with him... and my bad micro let him die... twice 8)
#4Gw_xRaMPaGE  Feb 2 2008, 15:23 PM -
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Beat a nec on FC..gotta watch, d/ling
#5GenSturm  Feb 2 2008, 18:04 PM -
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TAP TAP. I'll SHOUT IT on monday smile.gif
#6WH_Hero  Feb 2 2008, 19:45 PM -
Replays: 20 Game:
Grav, i'll wait this!! 8) Thx!
#7fz.Cha0s  Feb 3 2008, 11:28 AM -
Replays: 19 Game:
wp hero smile.gif
#8WH_Hero  Feb 3 2008, 13:29 PM -
Replays: 20 Game:
8) heh.. THx, general.
#9Sierra Antares  Feb 3 2008, 19:24 PM -
Replays: 24 Game:
gotta watch this your reps helped alot in the past and they are always helpfull thx for that now off to watch happy.gif
#10Ninjabutter  Feb 3 2008, 21:23 PM -

Wow, well played indeed biggrin.gif
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