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Dark Crusade

ToT|ThOR vs Doc-Ding-Dong

#1ThOR  Nov 2 2006, 14:40 PM -
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Good close game here. Shows one of my fav strats vs Necron. I go CL and 1xpower sometimes depending on map. This game I invest a lot in tier 1.5, almost totally skips tier2 and go heavy in tier3. What I noticed so far is how useless preds/defilers are vs Necron - rather have mass infantry since they effectively counter most of what Necron can throw at you....."""""effective""""" I have an issue with Necron and truely believe they are imba and I think this guy could have done more with his stuff. Besides that I think I do pretty well and actually my ladder games vs Necron have been pretty easy so far, no loss, but I'm sure that will change.

Ps: notice that INSANE kill animation those buggers have. Ffs, come on.

Hope you enjoy the show! pirate.gif
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#2Erbgorre  Nov 2 2006, 16:15 PM -
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im only just getting a little familiar with this game ( was a surprise birthday present and so far ive only played the sp campaign and like 3 online games rolleyes.gif ) so i might be talking bullshit right now but i think necron is in no way op vs chaos since they r so incredibly slow in earlygame. from what ive seen so far necrons r like always the one being harassed and never the one harassing the enemy economy. chaos should always reach tier 2 before necrons do shouldnt they? so why not get those crazy 4-leged walking killing machines (i have no clue how they r called in the english version) while necrons r stuck on tier 1? maybe its not as easy to get them that early as i think it is but if so theres like nothing necrons can do to stop them. necron lord wraiths and warriors (even with their dmg and health upgrade) cant really do shit to them so if they hit the field before necrons get get either extinctors or those cript spiders they r pretty much finished...
but as i said i really dont have much clue so far so i might be talking crap whistling.gif its just an idea happy.gif
#3ThOR  Nov 2 2006, 20:25 PM -
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Defilers are pretty bad vs Necron tbh. I'm not 100% sure that Necron > Chaos, I'm not too familiar with Necrons yet - what to target first, why and when, but they have some pretty scary abilities all in all. But yeah, I might be wrong.
#4Erbgorre  Nov 2 2006, 21:04 PM -
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as i said chances r probably far better that i am the one who is wrong but i think that defilers (if thats what they r called) can really own in that matchup if only they hit the field early enough. necrons r quite easy to cripple and keep on tier one early on cause their eco is superfrageile in the early stages. they need to get a few obelisks up asap cause otherwise their early forces take ages to build so thats the very first thing u have to target. and if they managed to get 2+ obelisks up and their production is rolling they need energy like hell so u can then focus on the also very fragile energy production. if u do those 2 things well u can keep necs stuck on tier 1 for quite some time imo. and if its enough time for u to get 1 or 2 defilers out its definately over since they rape each and every thing necs can train at tier 1 including the necron lord.
but as i said. havnt tried if this works or not. just a thought
#5Hirmetrium  Nov 2 2006, 21:23 PM -
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nicely played th0r. game was good watch, definately nice to see an armoury build work really well.
#6Dorkdav  Nov 3 2006, 04:44 AM -
Replays: 24 Game:
I don't think that forsaking your necron warriors was the best thing to do. Warriors with 2nd upgrade are a lot more useful then flayed ones.
#7)eX(Achilles  Nov 3 2006, 05:34 AM -
Replays: 13 Game:
@ erb, you really don't need lp's as necron until your pop cap is filled, and your pop cap can't possibly be filled in the first five minutes (only one production building). So essentially a necron has the same start everygame....
#8HaXxorIzed  Nov 4 2006, 08:52 AM -
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I saw thor playing the better game here. Now, I just need some sm builds to steal ;o
#9Erbgorre  Nov 4 2006, 14:26 PM -
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sry if i have to ask a little dumb achilles but with lps u mean listening posts (and in this case obelisks cause were talking about necron) right? but you dont just need them for ur popcap u also need them to increase production speed. if u cant get one or 2 obelisks up quickly necron is very likely to be outspammed imo... am i wrong?
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