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Imperial Knight Solaria Reveal!

Sunday, 24 Jul 2016
Relic has once again started to release some new information at us and this time it comes in the flavour of Solaria, the Imperial Knight super unit, from house Varlock, from planet Cyprus Ultima. Anyways, it's nice that they're releasing some news rather than going on hiatus, waiting to announce...

Elite mod: Interview with Caeltos

Sunday, 5 May 2013
Today, RedRupee brings you an interview with Caeltos, GameReplays expert for Dawn of war 2: Retribution and lead designer of the Elite mod.Caeltos will describe the current state of the mod whose 2.1 version was released recently, after not less than nine beta versions! The music, maps and units...

Patch Preview

Saturday, 23 Mar 2013
The preview for the next patch in the Elite mod is now out. The next patch is a rather special patch as it marks the end of the beta. It is also special because Force Commander players will now have two Diomedes on the field. One is hidden by his helmet while his twin brother kicks Tarkus out of...

The Doom of Malan'tai!

Wednesday, 6 Mar 2013
Following the destruction of Hive Fleet Naga by the Eldar, a lone and wounded Bio-ship committed its final act by launching its last bundle of Mycetic Spores into the Craftworld of Malan'tai. The Eldar of the assaulted Craftworld quickly set about hunting the scattered creatures, but in the...

Elite Mod Patch 2.0.8

Monday, 5 Nov 2012
Space MarinesWhirlwind missile damage increased from 35 to 40OrksElectric Shock now slows the Mekboy by 30% when activeElectric Shock damage type changed from piercing to power meleeKommando Squad now captures 50% faster (like the Tactical Squad)Zzap damage on jumping between targets decreased...
Special Feature

Replay System Update and Elite Mod Patch 2.0.7

Wednesday, 31 Oct 2012
After our decision to support the Elite mod we have been working tirelessly to improve our replay system. We have now added a new Grey Knight icon and have also taken images of all twenty seven custom maps added into the mod and put them in our replay system so you won't be seeing "No Map Image...

GameReplays now supports the Elite mod!

Thursday, 11 Oct 2012
Due to Caeltos's Elite mod becoming so popular we have decided to support his mod on GameReplays. This will be in the form of replays, events, and strategy guides. Please note that while we are now supporting the Elite mod we will not be dropping support for retail. Both versions of the game will...

GR2O Winner's Interview

Wednesday, 30 Nov 2011
Last week, team Dirktjuh (Edtjuh and Dirkradix) took top spot in the GameReplays 2v2 Open, seemingly without even breaking a sweat, going the entire tournament without dropping a single game. That included a slalom through tough opponents, including Shalesey and Toilailee, Choko Bambus and...
Special Feature

The War Room: Talking Strategy

Wednesday, 23 Nov 2011
We haven't had a meeting in the War Room for quite a bit because our strategy has been set and sound for quite some time (also, Ninjabutter stole the name of my series in order to use it for the new strategy section, pft). However, with the recent conclusion of the GameReplays 2v2 Open, the path...


Tuesday, 22 Nov 2011
While the ballots may have been cast months ago, it's finally time (high time honestly) to honor our newest GameReplays Expert! VindicareX took GROS by storm earlier this year and has cemented himself as one of the- if not the- top Dawn of War 2 player since. He was thus a natural selection for...